Cleaning hacks I wish I leant before I turned 30

Cleaning hacks I wish I leant before I turned 30

Adulting can be tough at the best of times; booking your own dentist appointments, remembering to exercise, eating healthy AND staying hydrated.... We now know where the time actually goes!

Here to the answer to all your problems is my quick, smart and sometimes downright obvious cleaning blog. These tactics will help you cut corners in the cleanest way possible and impress your mum on her next trip to town.

1. Cleaning Plantation Shutters without having a breakdown

Whether it be a rental or just mental (to have in your own home) that beholds the aesthetically pleasing plantation shutters, we all know what a pain they are to clean. With this simple tip you will half your time cleaning those pesky blinds! Just grab a pair of kitchen/ bbq tongs, a couple of sponges and a great attitude. Pop the sponges over the tong ends (make an incision carefully if needed) and pinch and wipe those sins away!

2. Cleaning your wooden chopping board with no nasties

If you want a natural, non toxic way to clean your chopping boards, try using fresh lemon and salt. It gets into the groves of the wood, killing any nasty germs on the way. By using this hero duo you are not leaving any chemicals on the surfaces you prepare your food!

3. Pesky water rings on your coffee table? No problem!

Is there anything worse than having your first water ring on your furniture? If you have people who are scared of coasters visiting your household, fear not! Grab a hairdryer, some olive oil and a rag. Point the hairdryer at the watermark for a good few minutes until you can see the colour of the wood changing. Finish off with some olive oil and a rag to smooth over and coat the area.

4. Let’s talk about nail varnish and carpets...

Let’s all take a moment to breathe through the pain of a fallen varnish. And another moment if that happened to be on a carpet any other shade than black. Not that we wish there will be a next time, however feel prepared with this free bit of advice- Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cloth (preferably microfibre) and blot the stain. Repeat the process until no more nail polish comes off on your towel. Use the rubbing alcohol sparingly, because it can ruin the latex backing of your carpet. Make a solution of liquid soap/ laundry detergent and warm water, work into the nail polish stain to lift it so we can pretend it never happened. No one will be any the wiser!

5. Something that really grates me

Washing a grater can be frustrating, sometimes dishwashers won’t hack it and you have to dislodge those pesky holes manually. Try grating some raw potato, that will get any unwanted remains off. Plus you have an excuse to make hash browns now! Life sorted.

6. Something else that really grinds my gears

Nothing better than a cup of warm coffee in the morning to start your day. However if you have an odorous coffee bean grinder, the easiest way to neutralize the scent is to grind through some uncooked rice. This will help remove any old stuck particles within the machine. And viola! You can now enjoy the smell of fresh ground coffee.

7. If you like it then put some Colgate on it

Not really the same ‘ring’ to it- However! If you feel like your engagement ring- or any ring for that matter, is feeling a little tired or tarnished- try using an old toothbrush and some toothpaste to rub off and polish any imperfections your rock might be showing! As good as new!

8. Micro- WAVE that dirt away

Forgotten to cover that soup and now have unwanted interior design deep within your microwave? Simple easy solution for you; grab a microwavable dish, fill with a mixture of liquid soap, water and vinegar. Pop that bad boy in your microwave and stick it on for 30 seconds, remove carefully and use a cloth to wipe away the insides. The mixture helps steam the microwave to ensure you do not miss any area of unwanted food.

9. Candles and stockings?

Nope, not what you’re thinking. Once the most desired prison weapon of choice, now a nifty way to remove dust from old candles! Simply remove the grubby outside but rubbing some nylon leggings over the wax. This will give your candles the facelift it needs and deserves!

10. I’m your biggest fan

Ceiling fans are easy to ignore, especially hiding above you in the middle of winter. However, when you go to switch that bad boy on after months of cleaning- you know what’s going to happen. Easy solution; grab a pillow case and pop over the blade of the fan. Press on either side and wipe off dust, this will mean you are not dusting off unwanted dirt onto whatever lurks beneath your trusty summer mate.

11. Making pour decisions

Hands up if you are in a long term relationship with red wine. And like all serious relationships, they come with their ups and downs. We are talking cold hard stains resulting in sheer panic. When a spillage occurs (and trust me I have had plenty), all you need to do is take a bottle of white wine and a rag, blot the red wine stain with the white wine rag until the stain is removed. Finish with some liquid soap and warm water to remove the smell. This means you must keep the wine rack fully stocked at all times... for safety!

12. Making your dishwasher as good as new

Dishwashers are supposed to make your life easier not harder. It goes without saying this work horse needs a little maintenance now and then. And yes- as an adult you are indeed supposed to wash the dishwasher, cruel as it seems. To get rid of any unwanted odours and shine up her insides, be sure to empty the filter of any unwanted bits and spread a full cup of baking soda at the base of the machine, run on the hottest cycle possible and use vinegar as dishwashing detergent. You just got yourself a no nasty, hassle free dishwasher- thank me later!

13. Do you shave?

Let’s talk rugs. Yes I want you to shave your rug.


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