Your most valuable asset..

Steve Johns

"Have you ever got sick and thought to yourself, "i'm so lucky to be healthy most of the time"? Illness makes a person realise just how important health is and how you need to treat it as your most valuable asset. With the current effects of Covid19 and the growing threat of viruses and pandemics, it has never been more important to utilise modern day tools and technologies to ensure you can remain healthy. 

Moving forward people need to be proactive in securing a long term healthy future. So what tools are available to ensure you can remain safe? The Australian Government has a department called the TGA which approves only the highest quality products to ensure Australian's can have access to market leading technologies.
Have you ever noticed a website will mention a product is "effective against Covid 19" yet the product label won't mention anything about Covid19? This is because these suppliers have no test data to show they are in any way "effective against Covid 19" and they don't have any TGA approvals to mention Covid19 on their products. The most surefire way to check if a product is effective against Covid19 is to check what they actually have claimed on the label. 

With modern day technologies making it easier to access and sell products, suppliers are becoming more adventurous with fictitious health claims making it harder for you to navigate what really works and what doesn't. If you can't see any information on a suppliers website stating TGA approval, the supplier has likely failed to achieve the necessary guidelines required to have TGA approvals.

The TGA looks at all test documents and conducts in house testing to make sure all TGA approved products claims are justified and proven.

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