Tips for cleaning during COVID-19

Tips for cleaning during 2020

How to clean your home during this current climate.

So how can it help reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses?

To keep your home clean and as hygienic as possible, it is recommended that you use a two-step processsurface cleaning, followed by disinfecting.

The following information will help you understand the difference between these two steps and how they work together.

Step 1: Surface Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home regularly is an important precaution to lower the risk of infection. 

Cleaning is the first step to creating hygienic surfaces. When you clean, you’re removing dirt and grime, and as part of this process you’ll also wipe away microbes such as bacteria and viruses.

At this point you won’t necessarily kill them, but they will no longer be on your surfaces which is important to help reduce transmission of disease.

Cleaning is also important to prep your surface for Step 2.

Step 2: Disinfecting

Disinfectants should be used after cleaning to kill any remaining microbes on your surfaces. This is where our Ayers & Co surface spray comes into the scene!

For our spray to be effective you need to have a clean surface, free of dirt and grime.

This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your sanitiser or disinfectant won’t be able to reach and kill all microbes if they are hidden under surface dirt, and secondly, some disinfectants will become ineffective on contact with organic materials.

Make sure your surface is completely dry before applying Ayers & Co. Once applied and the surface is dry it will be protected for up to 30 days from nasty germs & bacteria.

Stay safe when disinfecting

When using Ayers & Co you are safe to do so around children, pets, food and plants. Our product contains no nasty chemicals like bleaches or chlorines. It has been dermalogically tested and safe to use on all skin.

How to clean with Covid-19 in mind

We recommend using any surface cleaner for Step 1 in your routine to remove dirt, grime and microbes before you sanitise or disinfect.

To ensure your clean is as hygienic as possible, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Use fresh, dry cloths and mop pads each time you clean.
    2. Give your clean some more elbow grease than usual, wiping down all surfaces thoroughly.
    3. Launder your cloths and mop pads regularly at 60 degrees Celsius to remove any germs they have picked up.
    4. Make sure you clean your hands with Ayers & Co sanitiser seconds before and after every clean, or wear gloves.

Don’t forget to clean your common touch points

At this time, it’s not just surfaces like benchtops and floors that need to be cleaned. Also remember to keep cleaning common touch points around the home such as handrails, light switches, door handles, fridge doors, appliances, taps, phones , remotes and computers. These can be germ hotspots! As covid lives on surfaces for numerous days. Every home is different, but common high-touch surfaces include: Door handles, tables, chairs, handrails, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, taps, toilets, light switches, mobile phones, computers, tablets, keyboards, remote controls, game controllers and favourite toys. 

At Ayers & Co, our promise has always been to offer you an easy and effective cleaning system that’s safe around all humans, plants, food, fur babies and mother earth.
Here are a few tips on how we keep our home and workplace clean in this current climate.

Ayers & Co. is a revolutionary long lasting surface disinfectant and alcohol free hand sanitiser. Ayers & Co surface disinfectant has been tested against a wide range of pathogens including Legionella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, enteroccus hirare, Salmonella and AspergillusNiger.  Ayers & Co commercial grade surface disinfectant meets or exceedsEN1276 and AOAC 991.47/48/49 hard surface carrier test. We do not make any claims about effectiveness against COVID-19 or any virucidal microbes.



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