We are and always will be Australian made and Australian owned

As a country of Australians, it is more important than ever that we stick together to support and help other Australians where possible. 


Did you notice that when Covid19 hit the prices of alcohol based hand sanitisers went ridiculously crazy? $25 for a 500ml bottle of (who knows what %) ethanol alcohol based sanitiser.. 😮


This was only possible because the demand for hand sanitisers went through the roof and at the time it far outweighed the amount of hand sanitiser supply we had in Australia. Countries like China where massive amounts of our hand sanitisers are made can dictate a price and we had no choice but to comply to the unfair pricing. 


Not only is there significantly longer lead times when purchasing products like hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants overseas but trusting the product quality is extremely difficult, particularly when you are relying on products that are designed to go on your skin and provide you with protection. 


Thankfully many businesses like Breweries and Distillers could change their business model to increase hand sanitiser supply in Australia which helped to lower the prices for everyone and further guarantee the quality 🍻 Yet another reason to love these companies!


While there are many problems that come with alcohol based hand sanitisers, particularly when compared to our advanced alcohol-free formulation that provides a non-toxic, safe, chemical free and up to 24 hours of longer lasting protection, we fully support all Australian businesses who managed to keep their doors open and employees in jobs through Covid by bringing manufacturing of some of these products back to Australia 🥳


As a company we have made a commitment and promise to manufacture all of our products in Australia. Currently we manufacture all of our hand sanitisers, surface disinfectants and universal cleaning products in Victoria and we ship them out from our warehouse in Sydney. We are an Australian family owned company and what is most important to us is making sure our Australian family is taken care of. 🇦🇺


If we all band together to support each other and Australian businesses, not only will we have a far stronger economy but we will also help to keep our future children employed and provide more opportunities for experience in Australia  👨‍👩‍👧‍👧


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