At Ayers & Co. we are on a mission to help shape real change in today's society. Our company philosophy is DO BETTER, BE BETTER, LIVE BETTER. We strive to be inclusive and give back to all Australian communities, so we can help do our part in making Australia a safer and fairer country.
Why Ayers & Co.? As a company we decided we wanted to help make real change by always striving to DO BETTER. We are proudly Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Australian owned with a focus on helping promote and preserve Aboriginal culture throughout Australian society. Our aim is to bring awareness to Uluru & the Anangu Community so we can help preserve and promote Aboriginal culture, whilst celebrating Aboriginal history for all future generations to come. In honour of the Anangu Community we will donate 5% of all profits to the Anangu Foundation & we will work closely with the Anangu Community to help shape a better future. 
We believe the future of tomorrow will be shaped by the young people of today. That's why at Ayers & Co. we want to help make real change in Australia today. Every quarter, Ayers & Co. will donate 20% of all profits to Australian Charities and organisations to help make Australia safer and fairer for all. By choosing Ayers & Co., you can be assured your doing your part in helping Australian communities BE BETTER for the future.
 Ayers & Co. Aussie scientists have been working tirelessly for 10 years in finding a longterm solution to combatting harmful germs so all Aussies have the chance to be able to LIVE BETTER. Trust that every Ayers & Co. product is made with reliability and safety and mind whilst aiming to help preserve our beautiful country for future generations.

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