Frequently Asked Questions


How does Ayers & Co work?

Our products use a unique advance technology, exclusive to Ayers & Co. Our products are applied by spray or foam. Once dry, Ayers & Co resembles a layer of microscopic pins that attract, pierce and kill pathogens – the same principle as a pin popping a balloon. And in the same manner that the burst balloon cannot be reformed, neither can the pathogens. Unlike traditional sanitisers that kill bacteria by poison or high alcohol content, Ayers & Co is a water-based surface sanitiser applied as a spray or foam that is allowed to dry.

How do i apply Ayers & Co around the home?

Around the home, just follow the instructions on the label – apply Ayers & Co and allow approximately up to 10 minutes to dry for surface spray and up to 30 seconds to dry for hand sanitiser. For commercial / technical applications, industry specific written protocols are recommended and are provided as required.

When Ayers & Co sanitiser is applied to the hands, will it allow the skin to function normally?

Yes. Ayers & Co Hand Sanitiser does not inhibit the normal function of the skin. The antimicrobial layer produced by application of Ayers & Co Hand Sanitiser and which bonds to the skin is permeable to gases and allows the skin to “breathe” normally.

Has Ayers & Co been tested on a variety of skin types?

Yes. Ayers & Co Hand Sanitiser has been dermatologically tested on a range of skin types (older people, young people, fair skinned and dark skinned people etc) – with zero reactions recorded.

 Can you prove Ayers & Co works?

Yes. When quick (15 second) efficacy tests are required, we take swabs (before and after treatment) from the surface and measure them via an ATP device. ATP is a globally accepted method of testing for pathogenic presence and is commonly used by QA personnel in all major food and beverage production facilities.

 Will Ayers & Co hand sanitiser dry or chap my hands?

No. Unlike other hand sanitisers that contain up to 70% alcohol and chap the hands and dry the skin, Ayers & Co is a mild but effective formulation. On application, Ayers & Co Hand Sanitiser leaves hands soft and moisturised.

 Is Ayers & Co 'Toxic' or can i use it around my children?

Whilst all substances have a ‘toxicity’ level (even water), Ayers & Co has a ‘toxicity rating’ similar to that of Vitamin C. So yes – Ayers & Co can be safely used around people, pets and plants alike.

 Should i apply Ayers & Co hand sanitiser more than once a day?

You don’t have to… Hand Sanitiser remains active on the skin until natural exfoliation occurs and this usually takes 24-72 hours or so (varies due to factors like exercise, work environment etc). But within high risk environments (Health Care etc), some professionals prefer to use Ayers & Co more frequently.

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