How It Works

We deliver incredible cleaning products
without all the single use plastic. Our safe &
super concentrated Universal
Cleaner will save
you time, money & worry. With our refill,
return & earn scheme,
you can keep your
conscience clean & the oceans pristine.

It’s cleaning with ease. Just as it should be.

Say "no" to single use plastics
& harsh cleaning chemicals.

Your unlimited refill pack includes:
  • 5x Super concentrated refill pouches
  • 1x washable microfibre cleaning cloth
  • 1 year unlimited free refills (just pay shipping)

Winning the war on waste has never been easier!

How does it work? It's super simple: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill.

Your first Ayers & Co order will arrive at your door including 5x refill pouches & a washable microfibre cloth. Your second Ayers and Co refill order will include the same but it will also include your postage paid return mailer (envelope).

Simply empty the contents of the concentrated refill pouches, top the rest of your bottle up with water, and wave goodbye to SUP (single-use-plastic) for the rest of your life

Once you have 10x empty refill pouches, pop them into the postage paid return mailer & send it back to us (for free).

*Please make sure you have a minimum of 10 refill pouches before you return them.*

We'll then clean, refill and reuse the pouch...putting an end to single-use plastic. For good.

More than just pretty design.

We're making it easier to tackle the plastic problem. A single product with an eco-friendly refillable solution so you can make a difference in your home.

I'm made from recycled plastic. One bottle for years worth of cleaning.

(You keep me at your house)

I'm super concentrated and designed to be refilled & re-used over & over.

(You send me back to get refilled)

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