Ayers & Co.

At Ayers & Co. we say “bye!” to nasties and harmful bacteria so we can make real change in todays society. Our company philosophy is DO BETTER, BE BETTER, LIVE BETTER. Join us and take part in making Australia a safer and fairer country for everyone. One household at a time.

Do Better

DO BETTER means we’re proudly Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Australian owned with a focus on helping promote and preserve Aboriginal culture throughout Australian society. More specifically, we aim to promote and celebrate Aboriginal culture and history for all future generations.

Be Better

Together, we can shape the future of tomorrow by making small changes today. We believe in spreading kindness, not germs. That’s why, every year, we’ll donate 20% of all profits made to selected Australian Charities and organisations. Take part in our do-goodness for Australian communities so we can BE BETTER for future generations.

Live Better

For the last 10 years, our clever scientists have worked their lab coats off to find a safe, long term solution to combat harmful germs, so every Aussie family can LIVE BETTER. Every Ayers & Co. product is made with reliability,safety and mother nature in mind. We take care of the nasties, so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones, worry-free.

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