Germ-Buster Pack

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Here’s your new clean and protect routine in two simple steps. 

Ayers & Co 30 Day Super surface shield will protect you and your family from 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria (including COVID-19) for up to 30 days. 

Want an everyday cleaner? ECO1 Universal removes dirt, grease & grime with a safe yet super-powerful Australian made eco-friendly universal cleaner. 

Why use them together? Once a surface is protected with Ayers & Co 30 Day Surface Shield, everytime ECO1 Universal Cleaner is applied it will form an even stronger anti-germ shield on the surface and give you longer protection from germs. 

How does it work? Once the surface shield is applied with Ayers & Co 30 Day Surface Shield, ECO1 Universal will re-coat the surface on every clean with our revolutionary anti-germ Si-Quat technology!

Protect with 30 Day Surface Shield Kills 99.99% of harmful germs and is proven effective against COVID-19.

Save Money and Space, Without the
Plastic Waste

Save Money

Buy the packaging once and just pay for refills.

Save Space

Stock up on refills without the clutter.

Save Earth

No more throwing out plastic bottles &
shipping lots of water.

Consciously Clean Formulas

At Ayers & co, we set high standards for health and safety. We strive to make our products optimal for effectiveness as well as human and environmental health.


No Parabens

No Ammonia

No Phthalates

No Chlorine Bleach

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